Forklift Goods Cage 1200mm Wide 1000Kg SWL

Part No: EW-WP-GC12

The NS-WP-GC12 Forklift Goods Cage is 1200mm wide and is perfect to transport goods between ground and mezzanine levels.
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NS-WP-GC12 forklift Goods Cage is 1200mm wide and has 1000kg SWL. It is ideal solution to transport goods with forklift from ground level up to a raised mezzanine. Supplied with hinged a ramp to enable furniture trolleys to be easily wheeled into the goods cage.

  • Australian compiance plate fitted
  • 12 Month factory warranty
  • Includes safe use operations manual
  • Workplace hazard identification paperwork included
  • Painted enamel finish

Please note that a forklift Goods Cage is NOT designed or certified to carry personnel (please see our safety cage if this is your intent)


Products specifications
Finish Painted
SWL (kg) 1000
Load Centre (mm) 600
Pocket Size (mm) 160 x 60
Pocket Centres (mm) 644
Horizontal Centre of Gravity (mm) 600
Height (mm) 985
Vertical Centre of Gravity (mm) 300
Height (mm) 985
Length (mm) 1300
Width (mm) 1200
Unit Weight (Kg) 150